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Ideal for those who want to effortlessly scale their business

Some of the clients I've worked with in some way, shape or form...

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"I loved the copy, Ivan. This is one of the best (email) copy I've ever read. Now I can see why you charge what you charge."
Gilly Thompson

Gilly Thompson, CEO

The Sales Training Academy

"All your [GYGG] copy... is beating our controls."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I haven't heard about you?

One thing is personal branding, another one is doing the job. And I've been focusing on the latter and not on the former :)  I don't think I'm "the best" or anything like that, I'm just a student of the craft. But I'm grateful to have helped others with my skills and now use them even on my own businesses (outside marketing)... it really forces you to not be "just" a copywriter and actually understand marketing at a greater level. That's why I went down the rabbit hole of becoming a CMO for some companies.

How is this field different from psychology or other thinks like NLP?
The truth is, I don't think it's different. It's just a field that's more studied and researched in a way that allows to by-pass the BS-detector and gets your offer and messaging through the brain, not to the brain.
How does this work?
I won't spoil you... watch the short case study video and everything will make sense.
Where can I find more about you and your work?
The thing is I have NDAs signed with companies I've worked with. So most of the results I can show are in the video. If you'd like to ask me something really specific, then send me an email to ivan(at)theneurocopywriter.com with the subject "FAQ - About your work" and lmk what you would want to see.

Ideal for those who want to effortlessly scale their business

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